What is Zinc Alloy?

People who love jewelry often ask “what is zinc alloy?”. Well, zinc alloy is indeed used quite often to make jewelry. Jewelry is needed to make someone looks more dashing.

There are a lot of materials that can be used to make jewelry and one of them is zinc alloy. If you still have no idea about what zinc alloy is, below is the further information about it.

Zinc Alloy: Basic and History

To answer the question of “what is zinc alloy?”, basically we can define it by saying that zinc alloy is a sort of a substance which is made by mixing several metal elements into one material. It creates something stronger, durable, and free of corrosion. Zinc alloy is loved because it has the goodness in it.

It is totally stronger, durable so that it can last for good, and it is also resistance to corrosion. Zinc is usually used as one of the common materials to create alloy and zinc alloys is completed by a variety of applications. For the zinc itself, zinc is a shiny metal.


It has several signature characteristics including its bluish-white color. Zinc is common to be found and used in most places in the world including Australia, North America, and Central-East Asia. As for the zinc alloy’s history, zinc alloy has been used since a long time ago. It is believed that even in 1400 to 1000 B.C, zinc alloy has been used by the Romans.

Zinc Alloy as Jewelry

Using zinc alloy as jewelry is quite common. Usually, to make jewelry, brass is used as the form of zinc alloy. Beside to make jewelry, brass is also used to make cast items including instrument for music as well. Brass itself is the combination between zinc and copper.

The result of the combination of those two materials is a beautiful gold color. That is why it is great as jewelry. Brass does not tarnish and it causes the price of brass quite expensive as well.


Brass is now more popular than silver and even gold. The goodness of brass is including its durability and its similarity to gold.

However, brass also has weaknesses as well including the fact that it can rust and tarnish if it is not finished. To take care of brass jewelry, you need to clean it with clean water with the help of liquid soap. It will remove ordinary dirt right away.

However, if your brass jewelry looks really dirty, you can use ketchup to clean it. Rub ketchup all over the surface of the jewelry. Ketchup has strong acid that will break down the heavy dirt without damaging the jewelry. Beside as brass, zinc alloy is also used in jewelry in the form of nickel silver.

Nickel silver has “silver” in the name but does not have any silver in it. This is a kind of alloy from the combination between zinc, copper, and nickel. It has the color of silver and it can be a great alternative to substitute silver considering that the price is really less expensive than silver.

Surely, the strong points of using nickel silver as jewelry are including its low price and its identical look to silver. However, it also has weak points including the fact that nickel silver can darken eventually and it will end up having green and dull color all over it.

At that point, the jewelry will tarnish your clothes and skin. To take care of the nickel silver jewelry, you need to clean it with baby shampoo and water. Now the question of “what is zinc alloy?” has been answered for sure and you know more about zinc alloy jewelry.

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