Stainless Steel Chain Necklace

Are you looking stainless steel chain necklace for the beloved ones or for yourself Necklace is traditionally romantic gift for the beloved one. Necklace is something that most people start giving to their beloved one for anniversary, graduations, birthdays and many more.

With wide selections of necklace design today, ensure that you choose best necklace that fit with the occasion. Before you buy chain necklace, then you better to know chain necklace types for women and men.

Stainless steel chains give great selections for men. No matter style you desire, whether it will be pendant chain, or the stand alone necklace, there are much weight different, length and the necklace style that available for you.

The Necklace Chain Style

There are many types of chain necklace available. Choose what design that most fitted with your style. The first style is anchor chain where it has oval linked chain style, base on the boat anchor chain look. The second type is ball chain, the highly versatile style chain that connected with bead balls to necklace fan pulls and key chains made from.

Third is box chain, where it made up from square links to square, and resembles as box that connected each others. It is perfect option for those who looking for the sturdy chain and it will perfect when paired with charm or pendant that hang from it. Fourth is byzantine chain as it is considered from intricate groups of links that intermingling each other.


The chain is made up from round and oval link shape and it will look lovely to wear as it has detail design. The most popular chain necklace is cable chain where it also known as link chain. It has made from round or oval chain links with same size.

Sixth is Figaro chain style, with flattened chain links and it does not have one size links uniform. Usually, this chain style will have about 2 or 3 the shorter links that alternate with longer link.

Next are panther chain style that has flat design and has dome that alternate gradually and a part space. Next is popcorn chain that rounded chain and basically it is variation from panther chain.

This necklace type’s style will drapes lovely on neck and it has silky and lightweight smooth too that makes this chain necklace perfect for casual look. Next style is Rolo chain style that shaped in round links and connected together with durable and come in different sizes.

The next chain style is snake chain that made up from wavy smooth metal plate links that joined together and create flexible chain style. The next chain style is Venetian chain style that much like such as box chain that made up from square links that flattened together. The last is wheat chain that consists from four stands and twisted oval links. The chain links are braided together and woven that make this chain looks eye catching.

Men Stainless Steel Chain Necklace

As chain necklace is sturdy and it is perfect jewelry for men. The stainless steel become popular as it has scratch resistance that durable for everyday wear. The most popular chain necklace style for men is Rope chain style. This rope chain style consists from oval links and result as woven rope like look with spiral effect.


This is the one that most popular for versatile chain jewelry style. The sturdy look and interwoven makes this chain more popular for men especially because it has high strength. When you buy stainless steel jewelry, look for jump rings and clasps that will make your stainless steel jewelry durable for years. The certification from the company will prevent you from sensitive skin allergic.

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