Rose Gold Plated Earrings

When you considering to buying jewelry, there are wide selections of types, designs and different terms that comes up that might makes you confused. The most popular terms for the jewelry are come with solid gold, gold plated and gold filled.

The gold plate is the lower level from these three different terms and the lack of this jewelry is it tends to tarnish and sometimes it turns into skin green. The gold plated jewelry content with small amount of actual gold and usually it comes with nickel or copper.

The actual gold is use for layer thin in the metal and leave it look like a solid gold. This jewelry usually use for costume jewelry for lower cost. However, you still need to aware as it can possibly effect in skin green and allergic causes.

When you want to but plated gold jewelry, there is wide selections jewelry available from plate gold. The feminine design earring such as rose gold plated earrings is one example of plate gold jewelry that suit for women wear.

How to Care Plated Gold Jewelry

As it is the lower level quality from jewelry, then you need to maintain and keep your gold plated jewelry in good looking and extend the life. First of all, before put on or take off the plated jewelry, it is important for wash your hands.

When you need to spray your perfume, then put on your earring after it has sprayed. The same rule also play for lotion or make up, put the plated jewelry after you applied the lotion or make up. When you are cooking and chopping tomatoes, take off your plate gold rings or bracelets.


Do not rub your plated jewelry between plated bracelets with necklace against each other as it can scratch effect. If you are sweating in profusely, then do not wear your plated jewelry. Always take off your plated rose gold rings when you swimming in pool. The chlorine and chemicals that added in swimming pool can effect into adverse effect.

It is important for clean the plated jewelry in periodically. Even when it is not exposed with any substances stated beyond, it has contacted with skin that causes perspire. Use warm water for wash plated jewelry. If it requires washing with soap, use mild soap only. Use old soft toothbrush is also allowed. Gentle and do not rub too hard when washing it.

Rose Gold Plated Earrings Inspiration

As you are looking for inspiration for rose gold plated earrings, you can get ideas from these designs. The first design is come from women heart rose gold plated earrings crystal stud jewelry.

The unbranded main color from material stone metal rose gold plated with purity 14% look great to wear in your dining gown. The rose gold offer the feminist look with the rose pink colors in the gold. The second idea comes with rose gold plate earrings cute flower zirconia cubic stud jewelry.


This rose gold earring will look stunning when it set in your earring with short hair or braided hair. The elegant charm look in rose gold is come from rose gold plated earring with 18K filled pink crystal drop dangled earring. The dropped earring will make you look more elegant.

This will be ideal gift for your beloved or for graduation gifts. The 14K gold plated earring in round hoop earring with 3 rows rhinestone is other ideas for you.

It has cute engraved design in back that makes your back look charm even from back. Want to have unique look with your gold plated earring? This Turkish rose gold plated earring black zircon is available for you. It is sterling silver 925 with zircon stones for the accent.

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