Is Sterling Silver Hypoallergenic For Sensitive Skin?

For you who love jewelry but have sensitive skins that make you are unable to wear certain jewelry material, you might wonder is sterling silver hypoallergenic for your skin. The hypoallergenic jewelry is jewelry that made with purposes for those people who have allergic reaction for certain jewelry material and types.

For example, some people are having allergic reaction to nickel that common use for jewelry mixing. The hypoallergenic jewelry is usually made from pure metals, for example is stainless steel. In contrast, silver and gold contain with nickel in varying degrees.

Those people who are having allergic reaction into nickel can wear these types of metals as they buying high quality or fine silver or gold that means it reach the rate of 99.9% gold or 99.9% silvers. In other side, sterling silver jewelry alloy with 92.5% silver and contain 7.5% other metals.

Generally, the other material in sterling silver is copper, but it also able with zinc, platinum or germanium. The nickel traces in sterling silver can make people who have allergic reaction with nickel appear. However, most of people who have allergic with nickel are available and safety for wearing jewelry from sterling silver.

The Nickel Allergies Symptom

When people are having the nickel allergies, they are experience symptoms include experiencing redness, skin rash, and swelling, burning sensation and itching in the contacted area.

When you experience this symptom, then you need to find hypoallergenic jewelry. To know if you are allergic with the certain jewelry materials, or you suspicious if the jewelry is not 99.9% silver or 99.9% gold, you can try to use the jewelry in ears and wrists.


Ears and wrists are the parts that most common people troubles with the allergic. The best way for avoid allergic to jewelry is find the purer form from the jewelry metal you desire. It is important for keeping your jewelry stay clean, free from any tarnish, and it is recommended to wear items that causing the reaction of allergies just in short time.

When the reactive pieces worn, it important for keeping your skin near the item always dry, and if it is required, you are able to ask protective layer from the item to be added. Adding a coat for reduce irritation in your skin can be done by adding coat clear nail. There are many selections of sterling silver that buy and able to use as investments.

Hypoallergenic in Sterling Silver

In industrialize areas, there are about 5-10% of nickel allergy, the most common it comes from metal allergy. The best way for arming yourself from allergy is arming yourself before you go shopping to jewelry store.

After talk about the allergic condition into nickel, most of people are finding that they are not allergic into sterling silver. It is because sterling silver is made from 92.5% silver and has contained with other 7.5% of other metals such as zinc or copper.


As it has no source from nickel, then the jewelry is safe for use. Besides use as jewelry, the sterling silver hypoallergenic jewelry is also available for invest on the items. Buying fine jewelry as investment is the main reason why they buy it. The long term benefit from the metal jewelry from pure metal is the purposes.

Instead of buying bulk of jewelry quantity, it is more recommended for buying and invests in quality. The higher level of purity from the metal means that they are fewer added with alloys.

The silver sterling types that good for your investment and hypo allergic reasons is the one that has sterling or 925 stamp. The 925 stamp means that it has 92.5% purity.