The Basic of How to Make Metal Jewelry

If you want to create metal jewelry, you need to know how to make metal jewelry. Crafting metal jewelry can be fun and advantageous.

However, it is not always easy for beginners to create this type of metal jewelry. To make the jewelry making process easier, you must have the right tools.

Metal Jewelry Must-Have Tools

There are several tools needed to create metal jewelry. Here are some of the tools a beginner must have.

– Metal shears

Metal shears is also called utility shears or shop shears. It is very useful in creating metal jewelry. It is a perfect tool to cut straight lines, such as triangle and square. It is not that good for cutting round shapes though. You can get metal shears easily at craft stores. When you are shopping for it, be sure to choose one with flat blades.

– Flush cutter

It is perfect for cutting wire. With this tool, you can create jewelry made of wire easily.

– Jewelry saw

This tool is needed to create intricate cuts. If your metal jewelry making process needs small details or small cuts, you must use a jewelry saw.

– Disk punch

Disk punch is wonderful to cut circles evenly and repeatedly. This tool can also be used for cutting hearts and square. A disk punch is very easy to use. You only need to place a metal sheet between two layers. After that, place the right circle and hammer it.

– Bench shear

A bench shear is expensive. But, it is perfect to create straight and long metal cut. When you use a jewelry saw, you will need to clean the edges of the metal. But, when you use a bench shear you will not need to do that.


When you use one of these tools, be sure to read the manual first. These tools are usually available in various choices. Each of them has different capability of cutting metal of different thickness. If you use it to cut metal sheet which is thicker than it is recommended, you may end up having useless tools and must buy another one.

Metalsmithing Activities

In creating metal jewelry, you will perform various metalsmithing activities. If you never create metal jewelry before, you must know what activities involved in metal jewelry crafting.

– Cutting and sawing

Cutting and sawing metal is common activities in creating metal jewelry. In doing it, you will need metal shears, metal punches, and jewelry saw.

– Sanding and filling

After cutting the metal, you need to sand it using steel wool or fill it with iron. This step is done to eliminate sharp edges on it. This step is also needed to be performed before soldering two parts together


– Forming

Forming is one of the essential activities in creating metal jewelry. This can be done using several methods. Some of them are fold forming, doming, raising, fluting, swaging, and many more. In doing this process, you may need to perform annealing process to keep the metal soft.

– Annealing

Annealing is a process of softening metal. It is done by heating the hard metal. This procedure may be done in the beginning before cutting the metal or during the forming process.

– Joining

To create metal jewelry, you will likely need to join two or more metal parts. It can be done in two ways hot connection and cold connection. Hot connection involves fusing or soldering. Meanwhile, cold connection involves screwing, weaving, or riveting.

– Finishing

To make the metal jewelry more attractive and comfortable to wear, the finishing process must be done. It involves filling, buffing, sanding, and polishing.

Creating metal jewelry is not an easy task. However, it is not impossible for beginners to create a piece of this jewelry successfully. For a start, choose a simple project and read the steps of how to make metal jewelry carefully.