Does Stainless Steel Jewelry Tarnish?

The question of “does stainless steel jewelry tarnish?” is the kind of question you often heard. A lot of people indeed love wearing jewelry.

However, there are many kinds of jewelry and not all of them great to be worn. Why so? It is because there are some jewelry materials that can tarnish your clothes and leave stain.

The stain can be permanent and ruin your clothes. That is why we must be careful in choosing jewelry. What about stainless steel jewelry?

Does stainless steel jewelry tarnish? Below is the answer and a little bit of explanation about stainless steel jewelry.

Properties of Stainless Steel Jewelry

Stainless steel can be used as jewelry material for some reasons for sure. There are quite numerous characteristics of stainless steel that make it an excellent choice as jewelry material.

The properties of stainless steel can also make the jewelry out of it durable, shining, and of course great to wear.

That is why the special property of stainless steel jewelry can be really loved by the wearers. Beside of being durable, shining, and great to wear, stainless steel jewelry is also resistant to tarnish.

So basically the answer of “does stainless steel jewelry tarnish?” is no, it does not tarnish.


If you want to wear a jewelry that never needs polishing, stainless steel jewelry is totally the answer. This kind of material is going to give you great-looking jewelry with low maintenance.

Unlike other kinds of jewelry material, stainless steel does not tarnish and it does not leave any stain as well.

So, wearing them is perfectly safe for you and your clothes. Beside of that, the jewelry will remain the same in your jewelry box for goods. It will not change its color and rust because of weather conditions or age. This is the reason why people love stainless steel jewelry.

With its high resistance to tarnish, people can wear this kind of jewelry with no fear at all. They will not get worried about the jewelry leaving stain that cannot be removed on their clothes or even from their skin.

Why Stainless Steel Jewelry Does Not Tarnish?

Basically the main reason why stainless steel is not going to leave any stains or is not going to tarnish is because it does not rush. Anything that can rust is going to leave stain. Stainless steel is not prone to rust because rusting is not its characteristic. Material that is prone to rust is iron.

Iron is the basic material that can rust as soon as it has contact with particular weather or something. Stainless steel will not rust because it is not just iron but the combination of iron, chromium, and also carbon. It makes stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion and of course to rust.


Rust can be formed because iron has oxidation reaction with its surrounding environment especially with damp weather. It causes corrosion and eventually forms rust. This rust will totally tarnish. It will leave yellowish stain on the clothes on the skin as well.

Stainless steel is less reactive to its surrounding environment, so even though its surrounding environment is damp or even wet, the stainless steel jewelry will remain shining bright.

Now you have heard the explanation about stainless steel jewelry and why it will not tarnish your clothes or your skin. For those who want to keep jewelry but do not want the fuss of maintaining it, stainless steel jewelry can be the absolute choice.

In the end, asking “does stainless steel jewelry tarnish?” question is not necessary anymore because it really does not tarnish, ever.

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